Finding Solutions 365 .......

Finding Solutions 365

This is what we do best!

Obtain Permission to Seek a Solution


We begin to customize your solution based on your needs.

Listen to your Concerns


We start by listening to your problems of service, collection and non-hazardous waste generation.

Return with a Solution and Increase Your Revenue


We measure, weigh, and identify areas where recycling, reduction, reuse, repaired, rebuilt, resold or composting are possible.  

High Volume Industrial/Commercial Customers

Reliable Transportation

Since 2000, we have been working with businesses, communities, manufacturers and industry leaders to locate, collect, stage, ship and sale all types of materials.  We work with all transportation companies.

Detail Reporting

All waste is weighed, measured and complete with detailed reporting.

Timely Payments

Not all materials can be sold, but all materials are measurable.  Zero Landfill Dependence is achievable!

Timely Market Changes

Your Recycling Plan is based on your company's holiday and work schedules.

Certified Audits

We audit and review the disposal of all non-hazardous material.

Metal Market Pricing

Prices are current based on AMM market reports.